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Socceroos vs Bahrain 10 June 2009

Pretty unconvincing team in the first half but they managed to play more cohesively in the second. We are lucky that they won 2:0 because their defence left a lot to be desired. The Bahrainies had a few good players but also weak links (lucky for us). Some of them were feigning injury and adding acrobatics to make a small knock look like a major foul.

While it wasn’t a world class game we had a great time anyway. Just being at ANZ Stadium and watching the players in real life is always a brig thrill. The match against Bahrain was the coldest we had ever been too and we ended up wrapped in blankets and warm jackets. We were saying afterwards that it was probably better to be cold than wet, because we got drenched last time we went to see the Socceroos.

Setanta broadband sport

The Euro 2008 semi-final between Germany and Turkey wasn’t being broadcast on free-to-air SBS TV so I investigated alternatives. The SBS website mentioned Satanta, which I had never heard of. But we really wanted to watch that match so I paid for a one month subscription. It worked out well. I already had a small PC I had used as a cheap media centre so I knew it would display ok on the TV. I also ran an ethernet cable from our ADSL2+ router rather than trust the 54 mbps wireless connection. Surprisingly the picture quality was ok. Not as good as normal SD TV but watchable. It was streaming at 450kbs and seemingly didn’t drop a frame.

Australia vs China in Sydney

The four of us went to ANZ Stadium, Olympic Park, last night full of anticipation that we might see a great match. And isn’t that every fan’s hope? Unfortunately, for the game if not for Australia, it was a dead rubber. By beating Qatar convincingly Australia had already made it to the next round of the World Cup qualifiers. By losing to Iraq China were at the bottom of the group table with no chance of making it through. On the positive side Pim Verbeek had selected a young side who presumably would try to impress everyone and stake a claim for a place in the regular socceroo line-up. Meanwhile China would be keen to go out of the qualifiers on a high note.

China kept their side of the bargain for the first 15 minutes. They looked threatening and scored a good goal. But that was the end – they shut the game down and wasted as much time as possible. The goalkeeper hung on to the ball as often as possible. Various players went down in a screaming heap for no justifiable reason – number 13 was carried off twice only to recover miraculously and then waste time trying to come back on.

Of course this sort of tactic can backfire if the other side scores. But Australia looked poorly organised and unconvincing. As the game went on the new players settled down a little but there were so many technical errors – misdirected passes, poor control of the ball, sloppy marking – that scoring looked unlikely. Harry Kewell had a solid game but you could see he didn’t have conficence in the players behind him so he rarely left the middle of the park to support Bruce Djite up front.

There was talk in the media during the week that the ANZ Stadium playing surface was in poor condition after recent Rugby League matches. It did look worse for wear – plenty of grass but a bit spongy and uneven.

Despite the result it was a good night out. We drove to Strathfield station and caught the train to Olympic Park, avoiding the traffic jams. (We usually take the train all the way because the fares are included in the football ticket, but there was trackwork on our line on Sunday). Barbara packed sandwiches, snacks, drinks and coffee so we didn’t need to queue up to buy expensive crap.