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SCG Test Matches attended

Date Match Result/Cricinfo Report/Series
3rd Jan 2006 AUS v RSA, 3rd test, day 2 Australia by 8 wickets
Australia 2-0 (3)
3rd Jan 2007 AUS v ENG, 5th test, day 2 Australia by 10 wickets
Australia 5-0 (5)
3rd Jan 2008 AUS v IND, 2nd test, day 2 Australia by 122 runs
Australia 2-1 (4)
5th Jan 2009 AUS v RSA, 3rd test, day 3 Australia by 103 runs
South Africa 2-1 (3)
4th Jan 2011 AUS v ENG, 5th test, day 2 England by an innings and 83 runs
England 3-1 (5)
4th Jan 2014 AUS v ENG, 5th test, day 2 Australia by 281 runs
Australia 5-0 (5)
6th Jan 2015 AUS v IND, 4th test, day 1 Match drawn
Australia 2-0 (4)


Cube U30GT

Last year Barbara got an android tablet for her birthday: a Cube U30GT-H. Yesterday it wouldn’t start up properly. It doesn’t have a reset button (or hole) so I decided to update the firmware. I used the method here: which is clear and in English.

It is a good idea to use a good-quality USB cable instead of that supplied with the Cube, and use a rear usb port on the PC rather than a front port. The cable from Conrad’s LG phone fits. Apparently the flashing process in very finicky so the physical connection needs to be perfect.

Firstly I used the latest stock ROM from Cube, V1.11 (, which is available from here: and used the instructions above. It worked fine but had too many Chinese apps which cannot be removed.

Encouraged by my success I decided to try a cleaned, rooted ROM from here It uses a different method to flash the firmware but the instructions and flash tool are included.

Post script, 14 March 2014

After the Cube refused to startup again I tried to reinstall the firmware but my new Win8.1 PC refused to recognise the Cube when connected by USB. I tried a few different 64 bit rockchip drivers without success. Eventually I tried using an old laptop with 32 bit WinXP and it went fine: 32 bit driver worked, flash tool recognised the device and reinstalled the supersport firmware.

Kangaroo Valley September 2013

Some more notes regarding our next trip:

  • UTS Gridiron have a game on the Saturday we are traveling down to KV: 7pm Berkeley Park, (Mustangs v UTS). Berkeley Park is off the motorway south of Wollongong. The time isn’t great – 7pm is too late for us to drop by on the way to KV.


  • we didn’t get to that game
  • we travelled via Kangaroo Valley Rd which leaves the Princes Hwy at Berry and is a rough, winding stretch. When we got to KV I noticed one trailer brake-light wasn’t working. It ended up being a faulty bit of wiring, which I’ve now fixed. I replaced the dodgy connectors with soldered joints.
  • here are some pics

Kangaroo Valley June 2013

We are going down to Kangaroo Valley again so here are some notes:

  • we haven’t been to Manning Lookout on previous trips, or not that I can remember
  • I don’t think we’ve taken the boys to Cambewarra Lookout
  • we should try the other 2 short walks near Lake Yarrunga (Three Views Walk)
  • take ACF details to book ashes tickets


  • Next time remember to take my little gas blowtorch, better than matches.
  • We did the 2nd Lake Yarrunga walk so just one to go.